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Quickstart AngularJS

Implementation of a new visualization platform into the existing AngularJS application was accelerated by a quickstart project prepared by the Microsoft team. We had to reject use of the Power BI-Angular library due to conflicts with libraries already being used in the existing SCS application. That was the reason for the quickstart project with a focus on AngularJS controllers requesting metadata from the Web API façade over a Power BI Embedded workspace.

Quickstart AngularJS

We recommended also implementing code for a counter of open report sessions. This will stop anomalous behavior and save costs in anomalous situations. For example, if a user opens a report session 10 times within a short time, the rendering part of the application will be hidden. Sample code is in the quickstart project created by the Microsoft team and published at _AngularJSclient_WebApibackend.

The Asseco Solutions team used the quickstart project, advisories, and code from all team code sessions. They built a solution based on the recommended architecture over the real data, including authoring of reports in a Power BI Desktop tool. The result of this precise work was publicly presented to customers with very high satisfaction.


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