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Sony Vaio 0x57 Analyzer Download 1

we must emphasize that the smbus is not standard and is not to be assumed available on all systems. to make sure if the smbus is available on your system, use the command cmd /c getsmbus.exe (windows 2000/xp) or cmd /c smbget.exe (windows nt/2000) to query the smbus. the sony vaio vgn-fz260e supports the smbus, the command cmd /c smbget.exe returns a result like shown below:

sony vaio 0x57 analyzer download 1

the smbus-device is found under device-name \\.\smcvaio in windows xp. in windows vista the windows-driver-manager can be used to query the smbus-device. you can use devcon.exe to query all available devices.

start the command-prompt, navigate to c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\devices, and run the command devcon. the command will produce a list of all devices and their properties. look for a listing of your sony vaio vgn-fz260e and its properties. locate the line for the device, right-click on the line, and select update driver from the menu.

by default, the sony vaio's touchpad is not configured for use as a pointing device. this is mostly because the hardware is designed for the stylus. you can enable the touchpad as a pointing device in the control panel, but you have to tell the system which of its buttons correspond to the x, y, and z directions. the touchpad was meant to be a replacement for a mouse, not a pointing device. if you want to use it as a pointing device, you need to add a mouse emulator to your operating system. sony provides a driver for its touchpad which makes the touchpad emulate a mouse.


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