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Triple Net Lease is a real estate investment strategy that provides a steady income, long-term tax advantages and serves as an excellent tool for generational Wealth Creation.

We Define the term "Generational Wealth Engine" as it pertains to NNN lease investments as it relates to the subject of Investing in and managing the portfolio of commercial real estate investments within an NNN lease Acquisition Strategy, through a NNN lease acquisition strategy.

This definition is a new way of thinking about investment and wealth creation that is based on building a generational asset base rather than just generating returns on each individual investment. This approach to investing can provide more predictable returns than traditional stocks and bonds, real estate or other asset classes.

One of Freedman Wealth's core principles is to make it as easy as possible for people to own fractionalized interests in properties via equity leases. In our industry, this is something most investors have never considered because it doesn't fit into their strategy of investing in a single property and paying very little interest on the principal.

This type of investment offers an alternative way to diversify your portfolio that does not require any additional research or time commitment, while still providing a steady income stream. It is perfect for investors who want to make a few percentage points on every dollar invested, as a steady income stream.

We believe the NNN lease investment strategy can produce relatively consistent returns, and it's perfect for those who want to get involved with real estate without having to take on more risk than they feel comfortable with.

While there are still risks involved in this type of investment, they are substantially lower than other investments.

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