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Aslixan Xuliqan: How to Download and Stream the Official Music Video

Aslixan Xuliqan: A Song Review

If you are a fan of Azerbaijani rap music, you might have heard of Aslixan and his hit song Xuliqan. Released in 2019, the song has gained over 4 million views on YouTube and has become a popular anthem for the young generation. But what is the song really about? How does it reflect the social and cultural realities of Azerbaijan? And what makes it so catchy and appealing? In this article, we will review Aslixan's Xuliqan and explore its lyrics, music, and video in detail.

aslixan xuliqan


Who is Aslixan?

Aslixan is an Azerbaijani rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Baku in 1996 and started his musical career in 2015. He is known for his distinctive voice, witty lyrics, and catchy hooks. He has released several singles and one album, Brend, which features Xuliqan as the second track. He is also a member of the rap group HOOLIGAN, which consists of other Azerbaijani rappers such as NotonMkalibre, Yuzbek Zagirov, and Fidan Məmmədli.

What is Xuliqan?

Xuliqan is a slang term in Azerbaijani that means "hooligan" or "thug". It is often used to describe someone who is rebellious, aggressive, or violent. It can also refer to someone who lives in a poor or dangerous neighborhood, or who has a low social status. The term has a negative connotation in mainstream society, but it can also be used as a badge of honor or pride by some subcultures.

What is the song about?

The song is about Aslixan's life as a xuliqan in Baku. He contrasts his situation with that of a rich and privileged person, who he calls "qaqaş" (brother). He criticizes the inequality and injustice that he faces, and expresses his frustration and anger. He also shows his confidence and resilience, and claims that he will achieve his dreams despite the obstacles. The song is a defiant and provocative statement of identity and aspiration.

Analysis of the song


Meaning and message

The lyrics of the song are divided into two verses and a chorus. In the first verse, Aslixan greets his qaqaş and asks him how he is doing. He then describes how different their lives are: the qaqaş lives in a luxurious and comfortable way, while Aslixan lives in a chaotic and harsh environment. He mocks the qaqaş for being out of touch with reality, and questions his happiness and authenticity. He also reveals his own struggles and hardships, such as having no money, no education, no friends, no opportunities, and no respect. He ends the verse by saying that he is still hopeful and determined to succeed.

In the chorus, Aslixan repeats the phrase "biz xuliqan" (we are hooligans) four times. This is a simple but powerful way of asserting his identity and solidarity with his peers. He also uses the word "həri" (yes), which adds emphasis and enthusiasm to his statement.

In the second verse, Aslixan continues to address his qaqaş and asks him more questions about his life. He then compares their experiences again: the qaqaş travels abroad, stays in hotels, drives expensive cars, wears fancy clothes, and has many admirers, while Aslixan stays in Baku, walks on broken streets, wears stolen shoes , and has no love. He accuses the qaqaş of being fake and dishonest, and says that he is not afraid of him or anyone else. He also expresses his pride and ambition, and says that he will make his own name and fame. He ends the verse by saying that he is a xuliqan and he does not care what others think of him.

The lyrics of the song convey a clear and strong message: Aslixan is proud of being a xuliqan, and he challenges the social norms and expectations that oppress him. He exposes the gap between the rich and the poor, and the injustice and corruption that he faces. He also shows his courage and confidence, and his desire to achieve his goals and dreams. The song is a voice of protest and resistance, but also of hope and aspiration.

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Language and style

The language of the song is informal, colloquial, and slangy. Aslixan uses many words and expressions that are typical of Azerbaijani street culture, such as "xuliqan", "qaqaş", "həri", "bəsdir", "mənə baxma", "mənə qarışma", "mənə dəymə", "mənə baxıb nə edirsən", "mənə baxıb nə gözləyirsən", "mən sənin qaqaşın deyiləm", "mən sənin qaqaşın olaram", "mən sənin qaqaşın olmayacam", "mənim qaqaşım yoxdur", "mənim qaqaşım var", "mənim qaqaşım HOOLIGAN". These words and expressions are not only used to communicate the meaning of the song, but also to create a sense of identity and belonging among the listeners who share the same culture and background.

The style of the song is simple, direct, and catchy. Aslixan uses short sentences, rhymes, repetitions, alliterations, assonances, and contrasts to create a rhythmic and memorable flow. He also uses rhetorical questions, exclamations, commands, and challenges to engage and provoke the audience. He also uses metaphors, similes, hyperboles, and irony to enhance his message and express his emotions. For example, he compares himself to a lion, a wolf, a shark, a snake, a bullet, a bomb, a firework, a star, a king, a legend, a hero, a god, etc. He also compares his qaqaş to a mouse, a sheep, a fish, a worm, a toy, a clown, a puppet, etc.


Genre and influences

The genre of the song is rap or hip hop. Rap is a musical form that originated in the United States in the 1970s as a way of expressing the social and political realities of the African American community. Rap is characterized by rhythmic speech or chanting over a beat or instrumental track. Rap is often associated with subcultures such as graffiti, breakdancing, DJing, etc.

Aslixan's rap is influenced by both local and global rap styles. He incorporates elements of Azerbaijani folk music , such as the use of the balaban, a traditional woodwind instrument, and the mugham, a modal system of melody and improvisation. He also draws inspiration from Turkish, Russian, and American rap artists, such as Ceza, Timati, Eminem, etc. He blends these influences to create his own unique and original sound.

Beat and flow

The beat of the song is fast, energetic, and catchy. It consists of a drum machine, a synthesizer, a balaban, and a vocal sample. The drum machine provides the basic rhythm and tempo of the song, while the synthesizer adds some melody and harmony. The balaban adds a distinctive flavor and texture to the song, creating a contrast between the traditional and the modern. The vocal sample is a female voice that says "həri" repeatedly, echoing Aslixan's chorus.

The flow of the song is smooth, consistent, and expressive. Aslixan delivers his lyrics with clarity, precision, and emotion. He varies his speed, tone, pitch, and volume to match the mood and meaning of his words. He also uses pauses, breaths, and stresses to emphasize certain syllables or phrases. He demonstrates his skill and versatility as a rapper by switching between different flows and styles.


Visuals and effects

The video of the song is colorful, dynamic, and creative. It was directed by Elvin Məmmədov and produced by HOOLIGAN Production. It features Aslixan and his friends in various locations in Baku, such as a park, a street, a rooftop, a tunnel, a bridge, etc. The video uses different camera angles, movements, zooms, cuts, transitions, filters, and lighting effects to create a vivid and engaging visual experience. The video also uses some animation and graphics to enhance the impact of the images.

Symbolism and themes

The video of the song is not only a representation of the lyrics, but also a reflection of the themes and messages of the song. The video shows Aslixan's life as a xuliqan in Baku: his environment, his friends, his activities, his challenges, his dreams, etc. The video also shows the contrast between his world and the world of the qaqaş: the wealth and poverty, the luxury and hardship, the comfort and danger, etc. The video uses symbolism and imagery to convey the emotions and attitudes of Aslixan: his pride and anger, his confidence and defiance, his hope and aspiration, etc. The video also uses humor and irony to mock and challenge the qaqaş and the society that oppresses him. The video is a visual expression of Aslixan's identity and vision.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Aslixan's Xuliqan is a rap song that tells the story of his life as a xuliqan in Baku. He contrasts his situation with that of a qaqaş, who represents the rich and privileged class. He criticizes the social and economic inequality and injustice that he faces, and expresses his frustration and anger. He also shows hi


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